About Jette Frölich

In 1966 Jette Frölich started designing paper mobiles. The Danish interior design magazine ’Bo Bedre’ saw her artwork and published it in their Christmas issue and thus the adventure started.

She then spent 3 years in Tehran with her husband and 4 infant children, and was deeply inspired by the minarets sand ornamentation. In 1973 the family moved back to Denmark, where Jette Frölich bought a small handicraft firm, which made decorations from natural materials such as pine cones etc. The renowned Danish design centre ‘Den Permanente’ presented her first Christmas collection that year. Simultaneously Jette Frölich opened her own Christmas exhibition in her private home. Gradually her paper cuttings became more successful than the cone decorations.

In 1976 Illums Bolighus, a part of the Royal Scandinavian group, asked her to decorate a 24 metre high Christmas tree and be their Christmas artist for that year. She has been Illums Bolighus’ Christmas artist ever since and celebrated her 25 jubilee in 2001.